KOLB Cleaning Tehnology


kolb CLEANING TECHNOLOGY cleaning piston solves the following tasks:
Stencils, assemblies, DCB hybrids, misprints, PumpPrint templates
Solder frames, carriers, container / boxes, PCB Magazine
Machine parts, condensate filters, cyclones, pipelines
kolb CLEANING TECHNOLOGY is a leader in the field of:
Precision cleaning systems
Fine aqueous cleaning media
Maintenance cleaning systems
Maintenance aqueous cleaning media
kolb CLEANING TECHNOLOGY works with innovative methods / technologies:
HP Power Spray ® (Spray cleaning)
AF AirFlow ® (immersion cleaning systems)
TernarySequence ® TS (TS-powered cleaning media)

Technical Support
Interrflux Skandinavia AB have a support team operating in
Sweden, Finland and Estonia.

Our support team are well educated in the whole product
range by our suppliers.

Please contact our office for fast response and qualified service

Interflux Support: (+46) 0155 98140
Mail: office@interflux.se  
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