Conformal Coating


Conformal Coating and Dispensing

PVA Delta 3 

The Delta 3 System is a highly accurate and efficient alternative
to traditional manual application techniques. Utilizing PVA's breadth
of application methods you can easily configure an automated solution
for any coating chemistry.

PVA Delta 6

system that is ideal for selective coating, potting, bead, and meter-mix dispensing



PVA Delta 8

providing maximum work area flexibility to perform a wide
variety of applications.



PVA 350

The PVA350 is a flexible three or four-axis robot that is suitable for virtually
any benchtop or laboratory selective coating and automated
dispensing application.


PVA IR2000 Infrared Heat Curing Chamber

PVA’s IR2000 utilizes infrared panels to efficiently cure adhesives
and coatings in a controlled, heated environment



PVA UV1000 Ultraviolet Light Curing System

The UV1000 is a compact UV curing module suitable for high intensity,
rapid curing of UV coatings, adhesives, and inks. 


SEF LTO 5000

The curing oven is designed for curing of varnish coatings of the series
SL 13xx from the manufacturer Lackwerke Peters GmbH + Co. KG on PCBs
as well as curing of chip adhesives on PCBs with SMD components.

Technical Support
Interrflux Skandinavia AB have a support team operating in
Sweden, Finland and Estonia.

Our support team are well educated in the whole product
range by our suppliers.

Please contact our office for fast response and qualified service

Interflux Support: (+46) 0155 98140
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