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Original ASM/DEK stencil rolls and cleaner, all types. 
Check under "DEK Accessories" for your part numbers.

INTERFLUX ® SKANDINAVIA AB is after more than 20 years on the market, one of
the leading providers of supplies and equipment for the Swedish
electronic producers. We are always ready to meet our customers high product
standards and of course with a smile!
INTERFLUX ® Scandinavia AB cooperates with INTERFLUX ®
organizationsin the world, but has a particularly close cooperation
between the Scandinavian INTERFLUX ® companies in Norway,
Denmark, Estonia and Sweden, where we can benefit from each
other's unlimited know-how and personnel.
In the Scandinavian companies, we are a total of 12 people - including
four in Sweden - and we have set targets to support our customers with
the highest quality products from leading manufacturers and suppliers,
which is sold with professional competence and the right price.
We hope this brief introduction to bigger appetite to "go exploring" on
our website, and it would please me if you want to test our skills and
our products.
Contact us - we look forward to hearing from you!  

Anders Alkjær



Technical Support
Interrflux Skandinavia AB have a support team operating in
Sweden, Finland and Estonia.

Our support team are well educated in the whole product
range by our suppliers.

Please contact our office for fast response and qualified service

Interflux Support: (+46) 0155 98140
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