Manuel Placement


LM 900 

The LM 900 is the basic system of our manual manipulator series.
It can mainly be used for prototyping and small-series production, as well as post-placing single components.
Due to smooth-running assembly guides and a handrest, fatiguefree work is accomplished. The LM 900 ensures a cost-efficient entry into manual SMD assembly.

Thus the LM 900 together with the LM 901 is one of the best-selling Pick&Place systems worldwide.

LM 901

The LM 901 is the entry model of our modular-built systems. Besides the LM 900 functionality, it can be extended with axis brakes, dispensers and optical support systems for component placing.

The LM 901 supports the whole dispensing-/ Pick&Place - process, from supplying the solder paste or glue to placing standard, Fine-Pitch or BGA components.

To ensure high flexibility, the LM 901 can be upgraded to a semi-automatic manipulator and therefore fills the gap to our SM series systems.

FP 904

The Fine-Pitch placer FP 904 makes it possible to precisly place Fine-Pitch components using a camera or an additional microscope.

To align the components exactly, the manipulator comes with an X / Y - table and micrometer screws. A safe settle- ment is guaranteed by the motor-driven Z-axis.

The FP 904 can operate as a standalone machine or be integrated into an existing manipulator of the LM- or SM - series.


Technical Support
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