ERSA Soldering Stations and Rework



I-CON VARIO 2 and 4

Multi channel soldering and de-soldering
bassed on traditional soldering and
hot-air technology.


Small and cost efficient and powerfull.
Ersa i-CON PICO soldering station with i-TOOL PICO soldering iron offers a footprint of a mere 145 mm x 80 mm

Small, strong and intelligent .
I-CON Digital Solderstation

I-Con 1 Digital Station , 150 W with

Ersa i-CON 1 C & i-CON 2 C have a communication serial port for controlling
both the Ersa IR heating plate & the Ersa
fume extraction units.
I-CON 2 with 2 Soldering Irons

i-CON 2 Digital Solder Station and 2 each 150 W, i-TOOL solder irons
I-CON 2 with SMD Tweezer

I-CON 2 Digital Solder Station with 150 W, i-TOOL solder iron and CHIP TOOL for SMD de-soldering
I-CON 2 with Solder and De-Solder

I-CON 2 Digital Solder Station with 150 W
i-TOOL solder iron and X-TOOL for TH
IRHP 100 A - Heating Plate

The safe yet powerful infrared heating plate increases process safety for hand soldering and repair.
IRHP 200- Heating Plate

RHP 200 - Electronically temperature-controlled infrared rework heating plate with integrated thermocouple, incl. control station 0RA4500D
HR-100 - Non Contact Repair

Ersa's revolutionary & patented Hybrid Rework Technology allows for safe & simple repair of small components.

Technical Support
Interrflux Skandinavia AB have a support team operating in
Sweden, Finland and Estonia.

Our support team are well educated in the whole product
range by our suppliers.

Please contact our office for fast response and qualified service

Interflux Support: (+46) 0155 98140
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