ETS 330 is a high-throughput machine. Due to its compact modular construction it offers a wide range of affordable configurations..

ERSA Powerflow Air
Fully automatic wave soldering platform working in air environment Modular platform for individual needs

Wave width up to: 500 mm
Preheating lenght up to: 1400 mm

ERSA Powerflow N2
ERSA Powerflow N2 allows the feeding of nitrogen in the environment, so it is possible to achieve very good  quality and clean surface. The system is based on Dependable ERSA EWS technology and adapts well to existing lines of medium-sized electronics industry companies.


ERSA Versaflow 3/45
ERSA Versaflow is a fully automated selective soldering platform in an atmosphere of nitrogen. ERSA Versaflow series is specifically designed for the major components (connectors, relays, transformers, etc.). Soldering to surface despite the ballast components, increasing the spread is still a need for PCB match the traditional HMD technology.

With the ECOSELECT 1, Ersa expands its model range by a system which optimally fits, because of its small footprint of less than 3 m², into a manufacturing environment that is based on cell production. 


The ECOSELECT 350 uses ERSA's proven single wave solder nozzle technology as a  "Stand Alone" system or for integration into a manual placement workcell for PCB sizes up to 350 mm x 300 mm.



ERSA Spray flux system

Designed to replace older machines vahufluxerite. Sensors determine the dimensions of the printed circuit board, and transmit them to the control unit injector. Spray fluxing agent can feed the existing container, or alternatively, directly from an original (canister). Flux density is no longer a need to constantly monitor and adjust by adding solvent. Flux consumption is much lower, as there is no need for flux developed for recycling ..

 ERSA Sensor Shuttle
  • Thermoprofiler for Wave and Reflow


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